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Bob Marley/Nine Mile Tour

Your Bob Marley tour takes you along the North coast of the island to the birth and burial place of Bob Marley, “the king of Reggae”. His childhood home of Nine Mile is located in the garden parish of Saint Ann. You will travel through the rural area enjoying the scenic beauty of the country side until you reach the little quaint village of nine mile. On arrival at Bob Marley child hood home you will be greeted by the friendly Rastafarian guides who will provide a tour of his home, view his earthly possessions, and sit on the stone he sat on to write his lyrics. Your guide will provide an insights about his musical career and tell stories about Bob Marley. The guides will sing some of popular songs and indulged you to sing along. The tour is not complete until you view his mausoleum- his final resting place. This is truly a tour that all Reggae fans will enjoy. There is no better feeling than visiting the King of reggae Birth and resting place. Restaurant is available for optional lunch.