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Black River Safari And Y.S Falls

A scenic drive to the natural south coast of the island, takes you to Black River. There you will enjoy an exciting boat ride along the black river exploring rare mangroves swamps and visit the friendly crocodiles and other native species in their natural habitat. Then cool it down in the crystal clear sparkling water of the Y.S falls or relax in the rich natural park and gardens. Perfect for a picnic.

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Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour

River Tubing and Bengal Falls

The time is now to put on your gears and jump into jump in your tube and begin your exciting adventure downstream the river. With the river currents carrying you through the rainforest, you sit back and relax while admiring the scenery of the surrounding landscape. Each lazy section of the river is followed by exciting class 2 rapids, where you can enjoy the faster pace of floating over splashing white water. Stop along the way and enjoy a tarzan skills on the rope swing, a popular activity for everyone to enjoy. Your trip ends with a refreshing drinks, and a swim in the ocean.