Take a scenic tour along the North coast, to Ocho Rios, where lies the site of the world famous Dunn’s River Falls; one of Jamaica’s national treasures. The unique waterfall is 600 ft. of cascading water flowing into the sea. There you will climb the falls with the guidance of a local guide for a rejuvenating experience. Entrance fee included.

Greenwood Great House is the finest antique museum in the Caribbean and indeed the greatest Great House in Jamaica.Built during an era of elegance and brutality, Greenwood has retained the atmosphere of the 19th century and continues to capture the imagination of its visitors.Built by the Barretts of Wimpole Street London in 1800, The home still has much of its original furniture. In fact, Greenwood has the largest and rarest collection of musical instruments and books in the island.

The Rose Hall Great House was once the home of Jamaica’s white witch Annie Palmer. The house was built in 1770 and is of Georgian architecture. It was the residence of John Palmer who married Annie a beautiful English girl whom was later known as the “white witch of Rose Hall”. She killed her three husbands and was later killed by one of her lovers. Rumors have it that Annie has been seen passing through the great house.

With a Sea Trek helmet, descend 12 feet under water to experience the Dolphin Trek in the most intimate encounter on the planet. Participants will be surrounded by dolphins, interact, play and walk underwater while surrounded by dolphins. Dolphin Trek offers the most innovative intimate dolphin encounter on the planet! No scuba certification necessary.

Have you ever dreamed of working with dolphins, sharks, stingrays and other creatures of the sea? This rare exciting opportunity is available to you. Professionally experienced animal trainers will start your day by taking you behind the scenes of the secret lives of dolphins. Assist in food preparation, intimate feeding and behaviour interaction with dolphins, sharks and stingrays whilst being educated with hands on training techniques used by the professionals. You will experience the dual satisfaction of fun learning, while enjoying an adventure as you experience dolphins in a totally new way. Participants must be 10 years and over, in good physical condition and be able to swim. 4 hrs and 8 hrs program available.

Take a scenic tour around the city of Montego Bay and learn the history that surrounds the now tourist capital from as early as 1494. Visit Sam Sharpe square one of the historical spots and view monuments of some of our national heroes. See our civic center, our heritage building with multi-faceted facility in the center of our busy city. Stop at the famous Richmond Hill – the 1700’s property of the Dewar’s, which has previously accommodated various elite such as Richard Nixon, Roger Moore, Steve McQueen, experience the panoramic view the city 500 feet above sea level. Then go shopping at our craft market and duty free shops.